Earl Paulk Part 1


Be not dominated like Earl Paulk!

Those who entrapped him are also out to get you and your family.

There is the real illuminati, and there is the fake illuminati.  What is the difference?

The fake illuminati is an organization of folks who are not enlightened.  The real illuminati, the real enlightened folks are individuals, not part of an organization.

A man, named Leo Zagami, was born into the fake illuminati.  He told to us, that there are 3 fake illuminati.  The first keeps as much invisibilty as it can.  It is hereditary, it is a number of families.  One must be born into it.

The hereditary fake illuminati has been the one behind the “secret societies” movements.

Then there is a club, begun by a Rothschild agent, called “The Illuminati”.  Its purpose was multifold, but largely to get control over freemasonry, the masonic conspiracy, for use by the jesuits.

Thirdly, there are “knockoffs” of the club-version of the fake illuminati.  Somebody wants to make some money, they begin an “illuminati” secret club, and recruit members.  This is all accordin to Leo Zagami, count of Sicily, who was born into the same family as the queen of england.

What has this to do with Earl Paulk?  Because I think that he is not a phenomenon by himself but he is a part of a perspective, or larger plan.  When you know about that plan, that perspective, then you know more, about him.

Just the facts, of his life, that are publicly known, do not explain him and the meanin of his career.

That is why I give to you first the perspective, the background, and what we know already about the plan, that he is only a part of.

Here is a startin point, for you to learn, of the perspective, from the writins of Beden:

“In order to make myself well understood, I must let alone for a while my account of the Skotse  people, and write something about the Heinde Krekalandar (near Greeklanders = Italians).

“The Heinde Krekalandar formerly belonged to us only, but from time immemorial descendants of Lyda (blacks) and Finda (yellows) have established themselves there.

“Of these last there came in the end a whole troop from Troia. Troia is the name of a town that the far Krekalanders (Greeks) had taken and destroyed.

“When the Trojans had nestled themselves among the near Krekalanders, with time and industry they built a strong town with walls and citadels named Rome, that is, Spacious.

“When this was done, the people by craft and force made themselves masters of the whole. land.”

Allow me to call your attention to the last thought:  The Finda’s folk from Troy founded Rome, and used craft and force to make themselves to be masters of the whole land.

Be the first, of your little world, to find out who’s out to get us! Protect yourself and your family!  Read the early life of Tru Keesey.

You don’t know who is Tru Keesey?  He is the alternative government.  He it is, who has revolutionized the concept of how to properly compose survival lists.

So be not dominated like Earl Paulk.  Now is the time for you to align with the genuine new world order, the one whereof the celebrated politicians have been tryin to produce a fake.

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  1. Its a good Passage. Good Composition.

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